Gift Ideas for Candle Lovers

Gift Ideas for Candle Lovers

By: Lanna Britt, Candlehouse Contributor 

Do you have a candle lover in your life? If so, you might be struggling to find a unique gift just for them. You could get them another candle in their favorite scent, but that just might not cut it this time. So, here are a few unique gifts for candle lovers.

A Unique Lighter

It is believed that more than 350 million disposable lighters end up in landfills every year. For that reason, consider choosing a more eco-friendly option like a USB-charged lighter as a great gift for candle lovers. This rechargeable one from Uncommon Goods boasts a lithium-ion battery instead of butane, and it’s guaranteed to never run out of fuel. You simply recharge it as often as needed. This particular one claims to be windproof and flameless and can last for up to 300 lights on a 1.5 hour charge. Pretty cool!

If you’d rather go with a traditional lighter, you can choose a very untraditional shape or color that might make your friend laugh or smile each time she uses it. A quick online search finds lighters that resemble playing cards, llamas and everything in between! This paisley lighter case from Urban Outfitters is a unique option. We usually keep a stash of these BIC lighters in various rooms so we always have one close whenever we need a candle lit. The next time you are at your friend’s place, scope out what their preferred lighter is. Then order the same one so they have an extra just in case! They’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness of the gift - and you know they already love it! 

Basic lighters get the job done. They are practical but certainly not pretty. Give your friend something prettier to light her favorite candle!

Basic lighters get the job done. They are practical but certainly not pretty. Give your friend something prettier to light her favorite candle! 

Candle Care Kit

This was a new concept to me but once I discovered it, I knew it was a must-have candle accessory. A candle care kit usually includes a number of useful tools. This cute one from Southern Elegance has a wick trimmer, a wick dipper and a candle snuffer in a matte black finish. No more black soot all over my kitchen scissors or having to use a knife to dig out a collapsed wick. Genius! Check out this adorable set (and support an independent artist) that would be sure to impress the candle lover in your life. It would make a great candle gift for someone who has a lot of candles and loves all things useful. They probably don’t even know what they are missing and will love it!

And if you think a candle snuffer is unnecessary let me share a quick cautionary tale from my childhood. I have a vivid memory as a middle schooler of being tasked with blowing out a rather large candle before we left for dinner. I filled my lungs and blew hard. It was like I was channeling the Big Bad Wolf. I let out a scream of shock and pain as candle wax blew back at me. I’m not exaggerating when I say we were late to our dinner reservation because it took 20 minutes to pick wax out of my hair, my EYELIDS and basically my entire face. So don’t skip the snuffer! 


What’s old becomes new again. There is a reason potpourri has been around for almost a thousand years! It dates back to the 12th century for the purpose of freshening up rooms in castles. Give your loved one the royal treatment by making your own. Try this Pop Sugar recipe for a DIY gift that your friend will love and appreciate. You already know they love scented items so this could be a great additional gift for them. Potpourri gifts can be added to drawers, linen closets, hampers and even purses. If your friend is sensitive to strong scents, this could be a great option as potpourri is generally more delicate and mild-smelling. 

Personalized Candle

Sure your candle-obsessed friend might have a variety of three-wicks from Bath & Body Works, a pretty one from Chip and Jo’s Target collection and at least a few from her last Home Goods haul. But does she have a personalized candle? Bingo! It’s the perfect candle gift for special occasions.

Your friend turning 40? Commemorate the big day with a custom birthday candle.  Your favorite aunt moved into a new home? Send her a special housewarming gift she’ll cherish. If she has a sense of humor, consider the Candlehouse “We hope your new neighbors don’t suck” candle. She’ll giggle every time she lights it! If someone went above-and-beyond for you recently, you could treat them with a special thank you gift that they probably don’t already have.

For the pet lovers in your life, check out the custom pet candles any dog mom or dad is sure to love. They’ll laugh out loud when their furry friend shows up on a beautifully scented candle! Gifts can include your name or theirs and even fun phrases. The options are endless!

Don’t forget, our soy hand-poured candles burn on average 60 to 70 hours and contain no additives or dyes. The premium grade essential and fragrance oils we use smell heavenly! 

 Colored Matches

As a child I loved lighting matches. Who knows, without good parenting maybe I would have become a pyromaniac. Thankfully, I kept my match lighting restricted to lighting candles or the occasional fire in the fireplace on those rare cold Florida days. But now as an adult it feels like a special novelty when I light a match. I was once given a set of long beautiful matchsticks and they brought me a full sensory experience each time I swiped the match head across the side panel and the pop of fire started. Give that same nostalgic joy to your friend with a variety of fancy matches. These pretty matches from Anthropologie can work into any decor with eight different color options.

Don’t forget match vessels are another way to add chic decor next to a candle. This Epicurious article is a fun ode to all things matches. Richmond-based interior designer Christi Johnson plans to incorporate matches for a client’s bathroom project. She writes, “I’ll pair them with a snuffer and a beautiful candle. The grouping would be perfect for a bathroom. I also like using them on coffee table vignettes with a tray to ground the space.”

Matches can be displayed in any room. Here a bathroom inspo board includes matches in a container. Photo courtesy @masoneasleyinteriors

Matches can be displayed in any room. Here a bathroom inspo board includes matches in a container. Photo courtesy @masoneasleyinteriors

Pillow Spray

Lastly, consider sprays as a great gift to go with candles for the candle lover in your life. Pillow sprays can make you feel all sorts of fancy and luxurious and make you think you are staying at a swanky hotel. Certain scents like lavender can help you relax too. I’m not kidding when I write that my quirky 8-year-old son stole my lavender room spray and loves using it in his room. We frequently yell at him for *overdoing* it when the entire hallway starts smelling like lavender! But I guess the smell of lavender in a little boy’s room is preferable to other stinky odors! People also love pillow sprays claiming it helps with nasal congestion and other ailments. 

No matter which item you choose to give your loved one, they’ll know you were thinking about them in a kind and thoughtful way!