How to ask a Bridesmaid to be in Your Wedding

How to ask a Bridesmaid to be in Your Wedding

By Lanna Britt, Candlehouse Contributor 

If you are getting married soon, you may be wondering how to ask your closest friends and family members to be bridesmaids. Many people love doing creative things to ask such as giving a curated bridesmaid gift box. Keep reading for helpful ideas on how to make the moment even more special for your favorite girls. 

Tie in Details of your Wedding

Whether you’ve been planning this wedding since you were five years old and practiced walking down the hallway to an awaiting stuffed animal playing the role of “Groom” or you spontaneously said “YES!” – you are probably realizing there are scores of details that go into your big day. One of the biggest ones is who will stand beside you as you exchange vows? The role of Bridesmaid and Maid (or Matron) of Honor are special, usually reserved for close friends and relatives. As you prepare to pop the question “Will you be my bridesmaid?” (no need to drop down to one knee!) many brides choose to give a gift to each maid. Keep in mind, there are substantial costs to being in a wedding in addition to time commitments. They may live out of town and have to travel or take off work. The costs of her dress and shoes and jewelry traditionally falls to each respective bridesmaid so go into this acknowledging the sacrifice your friends are willing to make for you. Show your appreciation for their friendship with a thoughtful gift.  You’ve most likely already chosen your colors and theme so try and incorporate those into the gift.  Even if you aren’t Type A, it’s still nice to stick to your color scheme when choosing gifts.

If you’ll be using candles at your wedding, consider gifting a beautiful candle to each maid with your monogram. Each time they light it, they’ll think of the fun memories made at your wedding! Another route is gifting items that they might be able to use at your wedding. That could include special jewelry you want them to wear, a cute handbag that would match their dress or even some fun makeup like lipstick or eyeliner. 

Make sure you have your “people” at your side on your big day. As the saying goes, “Bridesmaid for a day, but best friend for life.”

What Do Your Bridesmaids Like?

If you are creating individual gifts for each maid, there are countless ways to make each item special. What are their favorite treats? If you have a friend who is known for taking baths, find some cute bath bombs or a new bath pillow. Think about their favorite colors or favorite scents. If she loves the beach, choose some nice sunscreen and a cute pair of sunglasses. Bonus points if you are getting married near the ocean! If she is traveling for your wedding, you could include a variety of travel size toiletries, cosmetics, and an eye mask. Have a friend who is into yoga? A new yoga towel and water bottle is a great option. Do remember that your friends and loved ones have lives outside of your special day. Don’t hesitate to get them something they’ll love and use far after you say ‘I do.’ 

Personalized cards are a great affordable way to elevate any box. Here is just one of many “Will you be my bridesmaid?” cards available through Minted.

Bridesmaid Boxes 101

Keep in mind the old adage “It’s the thought that counts.” You don’t need to be over the top unless that’s your style. A variety of inexpensive but thoughtful items will communicate your appreciation as much as a high-dollar item. Make sure to include a heartfelt note with the bridesmaid box. It could be fun to take a stroll down memory lane if you have a history with the person. Write down a “Top 10” list of best moments together that will make her smile. If you are asking someone you don’t know very well, maybe a relative of the groom, don’t stress. Your note can include hopes for future memories together.  Whatever you write, just make it heartfelt. Many times brides will give gifts that say “Bridesmaid” on them which is perfectly fine but if you want the gift to be enjoyed long after the big day, consider choosing each maid’s initials instead if you plan to personalize items like robes, bridesmaid candles or cups. 

What to include in a Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Don’t be afraid to think outside the (proposal) box! As you can see from this Cosmo article, the options are endless. You can choose to include luxury items like our 100% hand poured candles, Kendra Scott jewelry they’ll wear in the wedding or a personalized cozy robe. You can also go with more affordable gifts like snacks, mini champagne bottles and sample size skin care products. That’s the beauty of proposal boxes - you are only limited by what you can fit into the box! 

Asking at the Right Time

Now that you’ve figured out what will go in your bridesmaid proposal box, the next step is deciding when to give it. Remember, timing is everything! It’s probably not a great idea to pop the question at a time when it would overshadow one of her big life events - like a birthday party, gender reveal, or promotion celebration. Take a moment to consider the personality of each bridesmaid. If she doesn’t love surprises, maybe a public announcement and request isn’t the right way to go. If your best friend has just come off a breakup, be delicate and consider her feelings. If the friend is reserved, consider dropping the box off on her porch and sending a text to let her know it’s there. If you have a group of besties, organize a brunch or dinner out and have a box at each seat. If you go that route, don’t forget a champagne toast! However you choose to thank your girls, have fun with it. It’s probably going to bring a lot more joy than organizing a seating chart!