The Top 20 Real Estate Closing Gifts for Buyers and Sellers in 2023

The Top 20 Real Estate Closing Gifts for Buyers and Sellers in 2023

You’ve probably heard of real estate closing gifts and all of the benefits that come along with them. Maintaining a good relationship with your clients and helping them keep you in mind for the next time they need a real estate agent (or their friends need one) is the goal. However, coming up with a gift that is unique, personal and relevant can be tricky. So, we’ve come up with the top 20 best closing gifts for 2023 that you can give to your buyers or sellers. 

Gifts for Buyers

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your buyers, start off by thinking about what you know of them. What are their interests? Do they have kids, pets, etc? Using your gift to show that you know them is a key part of giving buyers’ gifts. So, keep that in mind as you look over this list. If one jumps out at you as something you think would help them out, that’ll be the winner.

1. Personalized Cutting Board

A cutting board can be personalized with the last name of the family, names of family members, artwork and even the family’s move-in date. This will be a special memento that they can display in the heart of their home, the kitchen. A personalized cutting board is the perfect gift for homemakers, chefs or those who are just really sentimental. The cutting boards vary in price depending on the type of wood you choose as well as the size. Just make sure you double and triple check their names’ spellings before you order any personalized gift. A misspelling will throw this type of gift completely off track.

2. A Homestead Personalized Candle

A great gift for people who have everything, you can give your buyers the Homestead Personalized Candle from CandleHouse. This candle features a scent reminiscent of the great outdoors, and it can be personalized. Simply add in the family’s name and the year they purchased their new home. Once they’ve finished the candle, they can use the container as a display piece in their home.

3. Gift Basket of Goodies

Everyone loves a gift basket full of gourmet snacks and goodies. Make sure to take note of any food allergies your clients might have before getting them food-related gifts, though. 

4. Wreath

This might seem like a very simple gift, but it can make a big impact. Get your buyers a beautiful neutral door wreath that can be used year-round. They’ll see it every time they look at their home or open their door to invite company inside. It will remind them of you every time they see it!

5. Simple Tool Kit

Another thoughtful gift that your buyers will use a lot as new homeowners is a simple home tool kit. This kit includes all of the basics to get them started as they decorate and improve their new home.

6. Gift Card

Some people say gift cards are not very personal gifts, but that might be what some buyers prefer. If you have buyers who like their privacy, or you don’t know a lot about them, a gift card can be the perfect gift. Consider opting for one from a local restaurant or a home improvement store.

7. Flowers

There’s nothing quite like the traditional gift of flowers. Flowers can range greatly in price depending on what you’d like to get for your buyers. Sending a large and bright bouquet for their new kitchen table will definitely be remembered and appreciated.

8. Smart Doorbell

If you’re looking to get your buyers a bigger gift, a smart doorbell is a great way to go. The Ring Doorbell is one of the most popular models on the market. It delivers a video of the front porch right to the homeowner’s phone. So, they can watch for packages, monitor their yard or just keep an eye on their kids coming and going from the bus stop.

9. Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini Speaker is another great gift for your clients. It can help them more easily turn their new home into a smart home. It plays music, can get the weather report, controls lights and does so much more. 

10. House Cleaning for a Set Number of Hours

Let’s face it, when you move into a new home, no matter how clean it is, you’ll want to sanitize it again. Make move-in day easier for your buyers and hire a cleaning service to come in, sanitize and clean the new home. That way, your buyers can be reassured they’re moving into a sparkly clean space.

11. Dinner Delivered on Their First Night

Move-in day can be super stressful, and making dinner is probably the last thing on your client’s mind. So, ask them about their favorite foods, and have dinner delivered on their first night in their new home. They’ll be relieved they can relax for a minute and take in their new space.

Sellers Gift Ideas

While many of the ideas on the buyers’ list above could be re-tooled and used for sellers' gifts as well, we came up with a few ideas that we thought might uniquely convey a message of gratitude to your clients.

12. Scrap Book of the Home

As a seller is leaving their home, it can be an emotional time. All of the fond memories of years past can be a difficult thing to leave. So, make them a scrapbook with the listing photos of the home. Companies like Shutterfly, print shops and even Walgreens Photo can print beautiful photo books. This is a gift they’ll be able to take with them and cherish as the years go by.

13. A Plant They Can Take with Them

If your seller has a green thumb, a potted plant could be a perfect gift for them. It’s a smaller gift that can be easily moved and will add some simple beauty to their new space. They’ll also think of you every time they see their plant! 

14. Personalized Painting of the House

Another great gift for a sentimental seller is a personalized painting of the home they are selling. Many vendors on sites such as Etsy will ask you to send in a photo, and they’ll paint a picture of the home. You can frame it and present it to your seller so they can take a little piece of their former home with them when they leave.

15. A Scented Candle for Their New Home

If your seller has a sense of humor, this is the perfect gift for them. This personalized candle from CandleHouse says “HOPE THE NEW NEIGHBORS DON'T SUCK” and you can sign your name at the bottom. It’s a light-hearted gift that they can use in their new home, and your name will be proudly displayed as a reminder of their favorite agent.

16. Gift Card to a Local Restaurant

If your sellers are moving to a new city, consider getting them a gift card to a local restaurant. They’ll be able to try out a new place, and this will take the stress off of making dinner as the family transitions to their new space.

17. Personalized Wine Glasses

Selling your home is a time to celebrate. So, grab your sellers a personalized set of wine glasses so they can toast their sale!

18. Box of Cookies

Some cities have local cookie companies that will deliver warm cookies right to anyone’s doorstep. This is a great gift to give sellers who also might be buyers and moving into a new home. Everyone loves the comfort that warm and fresh cookies bring!

19. Memory Box

A great way for your seller to keep mementos safe is with a memory box. This is a great place for them to pack away all of the important photos, ticket stubs, wristbands, etc. that they want to keep safe as they pack. Be sure to grab them a box that is sturdy and will match their decor so they can display it in their new home.

20. Meal Kit Subscription

It can take months to fully move out of and into a new space. So, help your sellers out with a meal kit subscription for the first few months they’ll be in their new home. Companies like HelloFresh can be a great option for this type of gift!


Hopefully, this has sparked your creativity and has given you a few ideas. No matter what gift you choose to get your buyers or sellers, just make sure it’s memorable so they’ll look you up when they’re in the market again!